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From advice on estate planning to strategies for minimizing risk, QFC founder Doug Horn, CFP®, along with Shane Smith, CFP® address a wide range of financial subjects in his series of regular articles. Click on any of the previous topics below, or read QFC’s latest article.

Investment Related:

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07-10-2017 The Best Time to Begin Retirement Savings: “A Gift of a Lifetime”

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“A Taxing Situation”

03-10-2017 Facing the Cost of College: “Can Just In Time Savings Work?”

02-22-2017 Department of Labor “Fiduciary” Rule: “Delay or Implementation – Impact on You”

02-16-2017 Last Opportunity for 2016 Retirement Contributions: Invest Now to Improve Your Retirement

11-30-2016 Year-end Dividen Reminder: Drop in Share Price- Reinvested Shares to Post

11-08-2016 Presidential Elections: Opportunity or Trepidation

09-09-2016 Recognizing the Scam

06-24-2016 Great Britain Votes for Leave

01-13-16 New Year Market Outlook

12-21-15 Market Outlook:  Thoughts on the Market

12-04-15 Year-End Dividend Reminder

10-07-15 Market Correction:  Statement Shock

09-28-15 Market Outlook: Same Tune

08-26-15 Market Outlook: Rollercoaster

08-23-15 Market Outlook: False Starts 

10-17-14 Market Update


Income Tax Related:

01-27-16 Deducting Non-cash Charitable items



Non-Cash Contribution Schedule